Referee Coordinator

Referee Reminders
  • Look the part (neat and professional)
  • Wear the appropriate referee uniform
  • Always be on time (arrive at the field at least 20 minutes early)
  • Make sure that you have your equipment
    • Red/Yellow Cards
    • Whistle
    • Stop watch or other timekeeping device
    • Flags
    • Pencil & pad
    • A copy of the Club guidelines (always a good idea for reference)
    • Coin for coin toss
  • No Drinks on field during game
  • Blow the whistle and make calls with Authority
  • Keep moving about the field of play with the ball
  • Maintain control of game play. You are the authority figure in the game
  • Instruct the younger players
  • Start and end the game on time.
  • Player shin guards must be worn under the socks. Players are not permitted on the field without them
  • Treat all players, parents and coaches with respect. Yelling at a coach parent, or player is not acceptable referee behavior. If you have a problem with a parent, ask the coaches for assistance
  • All referee decisions on the field are final!  Do Not change your decision.  Do not be influenced by coaches or board members.
  • Please study the rules for each division prior to that game. They change by division
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